Woodcraft Summer Camps

These Camps offer a Woodcraft Program

Many Other Camps Were Heavily Influenced by Seton and Woodcraft

Ernest Thompson Seton had an ernormous impact on the development of summer camps in the United States and Canada.  Beginning about 1915, many summer camps began to implement woodcraft programs.  Seton visited many camps in the Northeast, Michigan and Wisconsin, among other areas.  During these visits, he consulted on summer camp programming, spoke to campers and staff and often designed and constructed a council ring in the Woodcraft tradition.

His influence lives on in summer camps today.  Here are some that continue to publicly embrace Woodcraft, even now 100 years later, including a newer one as well.  

We know these are only a few of the camps influenced by Seton and Woodcraft. This list also does not attempt to address the many scout camps including Seton elements. We would love to hear about more camps with a Woodcraft program today, including those from around the world.  

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Camp Woodcraft
A summer camp conducted by the Los Angeles-based Woodcraft Rangers.  “A summer traditiion since 1922.”.
Coed.  Ages 7-13.
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Camp Belknap
Tuftonboro, New Hampshire
On the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.  Founded by the YMCA in 1903.  Embracing Woodcraft since 1920. For Boys. Ages 8-16.
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Camp Agawam
Raymond, Maine
On the shore of Crescent Lake.  Featuring a weekly Woodcraft Council since its founding in 1920.  For boys 8-15.
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Tanager Lodge – New York
Merrill, New York
On Upper Chateaugay Lake in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Founded in 1925 by Faye Welch, a close friend of Seton’s. It has been coed since day one.  It still follows the Laws if Woodcraft. Coed. Ages 7-14.
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Camp Mont Shenandoah – Virginia
Millboro Springs, Virginia
Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains in Central Virghinia.  Following the “The Twelve Laws of Woodcraft that are born from the four lamps of Beauty, Truth, Fortitude and Love of the Great Fire” since its foundingin 1927.
Girls.  Ages  7-16
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Green River Preserve  
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina
Founded in 1988, Green River Preserve is a non-competitive, coed summer camp connecting children with nature. Located on a 3,400 acre private wildlife preserve in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, “The Woodcraft Laws provide a moral compass and basis for a code of living at Green River Preserve.” Coed camps for  first through ninth graders. Expeditiion programs for Middle School and High School students.
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International Falls, Minnesota
Established in 1925, Kooch-i-ching is a wilderness camp for boys in northern Minnesota, promoting self-discovery, teamwork and service to others. It follows a Seton-inspired program, culminating with evening Grand Councils.  They follow the “Law of the Woods”, which is based on the the 12 Woodcraft Laws developed by Seton. 
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Ogichi Daa Kwe 
International Falls, Minnesota
Ogichi Daa Kwee is a summer camop serving girls located in the North Woods.  It is the sister camp to Cooch-I-Ching.  It also follows a Seton-inspired program and the “Law of the Woods” based on the 12 Woodcraft Laws.
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Camping and Education Foundation
Cincinnati, Ohio
Based in Cincinnati, the Camping and Education Foundation recognizes its heritage by using the Lamps of Woodcraft in its logo.  The Foundation’s flagship programs are Kooch-I-Ching and Ogichi Daa Kwe in the North Woods, but it also operates the Urban Wiloderness Program in Cincinnati and Owakonze, a unique wilderness outpost in Canadian canoe country based at the site of a historic camp.  The Urban Wild=erness Program empowers Cincinnati youth through a variety of outdoor experiences.
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