Woodcraft Bibliography


A Brief Annotated Woodcraft Bibliography

There is as yet no work that covers the history of US Woodcraft, or the Woodcraft movement in Europe outside of Great Britain, and nothing at all to reflect developments after 1936. Seton and his Woodcraft League inspired many other authors, quite a few of them his friends and students. The materials in the books range widely and in detail over natural history, outdoor skills, games, wildlife and habitat conservation, story telling, First People’s stories, songs, and dances.

What follows is a selective listing of books by authors who explored, developed and reflected the Four-Fold Woodcraft philosophy during Seton’s life and shortly thereafter, with some brief comments on the relationship between the author and the Woodcraft League or Seton, where known and demonstrable.

Library of Congress or ISBN numbers are given when available. Many of these books were frequently reprinted in whole or part, and the information given below might not reflect the earliest edition. Most of these authors wrote many other books related to Woodcraft. Comments, corrections and additional book information is always welcome.

Hartley Burr Alexander was an ethnographer, anthropologist and poet who recorded dances, songs, poems and sacred stories from many First Peoples in this country. He was an instructor at Seton’s College of Indian Wisdom in New Mexico.

Earth-trapped [microform] : a chamber opera in one scene 1978 music by H. Owen Reed ; adapted by the composer from Manito masks (American Indian spirit legends) by Hartley Alexander. [New York] : Mills Music, c1978. LC: Microfilm 93/20142 <Mus>

God’s drum and other cycles from Indian lore; 1927 New York, E.P. Dutton & company [c1927] LC: PS3501.L418 G6 1927

Latin-American [mythology] 1964 New York, Cooper Square Publishers, 1964 [c1920] LC: BL25 .M8 vol. 11

Manito masks; dramatizations, with music, of American Indian spirit legends, 1925 New York, E. P. Dutton & company [c1925] LC: PN3205 .A6

Pueblo Indian painting : 50 reproductions of watercolor paintings by Indian artists of the New Mexican pueblos of San Ildefonso and Sia1979 introductory essay by Jamake Highwater ; the introduction and notes to the 1932 edition by Hartley Burr Alexander. Santa Fe : Bell Editions ; Scottsdale, Ariz. : distributed by Folio, c1979. LC: E99.T35 P83 1979 Dewey: 750/.8997

The religious spirit of the American Indian, as shown in the development of his religious rites and customs, 1910 Chicago, The Open court publishing company, 1910. LC: E59.R38 A3

The world’s rim; great mysteries of the North American Indians. 1953 With a foreword by Clyde Kluckhohn. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1953. LC: E98.R3 A4 Dewey: 970.62 970.1* 299.7

Philip D. Fagans was an officer for the Woodcraft League and edited several collections of books on Woodcraft.

(edited with Frank H. Cheley) Camping Out and Woodcraft, 1933, New York (?), the University Society, Inc. (republished in 1939 as The Camper’s Guide by Blue Ribbon Books, Inc.)

Woodcraft anthology, n.d. (1919?), New York.

Alice Fletcher was an ethnomusicologist who recorded and collected songs, dances and rituals from many different First People’s tribes. The Omaha Tribal Prayer that opens Woodcraft Councils is taken from her book, “Indian Games and Dances”.

The Hako: a Pawnee cermony, 1904 Washington, 1904. LC: E51 .U55 22d

Historical sketch of the Omaha tribe of Indians in Nebraska. 1885 Washington, D.C., Judd & Detweiler, printers, 1885. LC: E99.O4 F63

The hako : song, pipe, and unity in a Pawnee Calumet ceremony 1996 Alice C. Fletcher assisted by James R. Murie ; music transcribed by Edwin S. Tracy ; introduction to the Bison books edition by Helen Myers. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c1996. LC: E99.P3 F6 1996 Dewey: 299/.74

Indian games and dances with native songs; arranged from American Indian ceremonials and sports. 1970 New York, AMS Press [1970, c1915] LC: E98.G2 F6 1970 Dewey: 394/.3/09701

The Omaha tribe, 1970 by Alice C. Fletcher and Francis La Flesche. New York, Johnson Reprint Corp. [1970] LC: E99.O4 F65 1970 Dewey: 970.482/25 s

A study of Omaha Indian music, 1893 Cambridge. Mass., Peabody museum of American archaeology and ethnology, 1893. LC: E51 .H337 vol. 1, no. 5

John Hargrave was a British Woodcrafter and one time Boy Scout Commisioner for Woodcraft and Camping in England, who founded the Lonecraft movement, and established the Kibbo Kift.

The Boy’s Book of Signs and Symbols. 1923.

The Confession of the Kibbo Kift. 1927.

The Great War Brings it Home. 1919.

Lonecraft. 1913.

Tribal Training. 1919.

The Totem Talks. 1918.

The Wigwam Papers. 1916.

Mary Hoisington, a Woodcraft League Board Member (1916-19??) and Lillian Elizabeth Roy wrote a series of novels for girls and boys about the joys of Woodcraft. Follow the adventures of young Zan, a girl Woodcrafter, and her band in the Wilds of Upstate New York.

Woodcraft boys at Sunset Island, 1919 New York, George H. Doran company [c1919] LC: PZ7.R813 Wo

The woodcraft girls at camp New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 1916 1916

The Woodcraft girls camping in Maine, 1928 New York, Grosset & Dunlap [c1928] LC: PZ7.R813 Woh

Ellsworth Jaeger was Curator of Education and the Hayes Professor of Science at the Buffalo Museum of Science in Buffalo, New York. He established a Woodcraft Tribe among the museum staff, and had hundreds of members over the years. Many of his books have been reprinted in whole or in part.

Council Fires. 1949 New York, Macmillan, 1949.

Land and water trails. 1953 New York, Macmillan, 1953. LC: SK601 .J27

Nature crafts. 1950 New York, Macmillan, 1950. LC: TT157 .J24

The thinking hand, a book of simple crafts, 1944 Buffalo, N.Y., The Buffalo Museum of science, 1944. LC: TT155 .J3

Tracks and trailcraft. 1948 New York, Macmillan Co., 1948. LC: SK282 .J3

Wildwood wisdom 1992 by Ellsworth Jaeger. Bolinas, Calif. : Shelter Publications ; Berkeley, Calif. : Distributed by Ten Speed Press, [1992] LC: GV191.7 .J34 1992 Dewey: 796.54

Woodsmoke. 1953 New York, Macmillan, 1953. LC: SK601 .J313

Lifecraft and Life Camps. Established in New York(?) by Ellsworth Jaeger and friends and associates of Seton, the Lifecraft and Life Camps seem to have endured into the 1960’s.

Trail Blazer Camps [graphic]. 1960 Brooks, Charlotte,photographer. [|||] 1960 July 11. LC: LOOK – Job 60-8907 <P&P>

Extending education through camping; 1948 [New York, Life Camps, 1948] LC: SK601 .N6 1948

Bernard Mason was an ethnographer, educator and historian who taught at Seton’s College of Indian Wisdom in the 1930’s .

Active games and contests, 1935 New York, A. S. Barnes and company, incorporated, 1935. LC: GV171 .M3

The book of Indian-crafts and costumes 1946 [New York] A.S Barnes & company [1946] LC: E98.C8 M3

The book for junior woodsmen, 1945 New York, A. S. Barnes & company [1945] LC: SK601 .M348

Camping and education, 1930 New York, The McCall company, 1930. LC: SK601 .M35

Dances and stories of the American Indian, 1944 by Bernard S. Mason; photographs by Paul Boris and others; drawings by Frederic H. Koch. New York, A. S. Barnes and company [1944] LC: E98.D2 M3 Dewey: 970.67933

Democracy in the summer camp … 1941 Washington, U. S. Govt. print. off., 1941. LC: D810.E3 A3 no. 23

Drums, tomtoms and rattles; 1938 New York, A.S. Barnes & company, 1938. LC: ML1035.M39 D7

The junior book of camping and woodcraft, 1943 New York, A. S. Barnes & company [1943] LC: SK601 .M356

Social games for recreation, 1935 New York, A. S. Barnes and company, incorporated, 1935. LC: GV1201 .M38

Woodcraft, 1939 New York, A. S. Barnes & company, 1939. LC: TT200 .M3

Leslie Paul was a founder of the Woodcraft Folk, a co-educational children’s organization that was developed by members of the Kibbo Kift (see entry under John Hargrave) in 1924. Paul details his experiences as a founder of the Woodcraft Folk in his autobiography, “Angry Young Man” “On the Folk Trail” and “Republic of Children” outline and explicate Paul’s Woodcraft philosophy, and influenced an entire generation of educators in Great Britain.

Angry young man. 1951 London, Faber and Faber [1951] LC: CT788.P384 A35 1951

The republic of children; a handbook for teachers of working-class children, 1938 London, G. Allen and Unwin, ltd. [1938] LC: HS3325.G7 P3

New pioneer. London, Woodcraft Folk. [n.d.] LC: HS3325.G7 N4

Ladislav Rusek has written two books in Czech on Woodcraft. Details would be appreciated.

Milos Seifert was a founder of the Woodcraft Movement in Czechoslovakia. His book “Prirodou a zivotem k cistemu lidstvi” Throuh nature and life to pure humanity” written in 1920 became the blueprint for the Czech Woodcraft movement

Julia Seton was Ernest Thompson Seton’s second wife. An expert dancer, she often accompanied him on his lecture tours along with their daughter, Dee Seton.

American Indian arts, a way of life. 1962 New York, Ronald Press Co. [1962] LC: E98.A7 S4

By a thousand fires; nature notes and extracts from the life and unpublished journals of Ernest Thompson Seton 1967 [by] Julia M. Seton. Illus. by Ernest Thompson Seton. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1967. LC: QH31.S48 S45 Dewey: 574/.0924 B

The gospel of the red man; an Indian bible, 1938 New York, Doubleday, Doran & company, inc., 1938. LC: E98.R3 S4 1938

The Indian costume book, 1938 Santa Fe, N.M., The Seton village press, 1938. LC: E98.C8 S5

Indian creation stories. 1952 Hollywood, Calif., House-Warven, 1952. LC: PZ8.1.S458 In

The rhythm of the redman; in song, dance and decoration, 1930 by Julia M. Buttree; introduction, art section and illustrations by Ernest Thompson Seton. New York, A. S. Barnes and company, incorporated, 1930. LC: E98.D2 S4 Dewey: 970.67933

The pulse of the pueblo; personal glimpses of Indian life, 1939 Santa Fe, N.M., Seton Village press, 1939. LC: E98.S7 S4