The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo was originally known as the New York Zoological Park. The Zoo was developed and is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (originally known as the New York Zoological Society). The Bronx Zoo. Unfortunately, the studio did not attract a great deal of usage, and in the 1940s, the space was converted into an animal nursery.

Seton was involved with the Bronx Zoo even before it opened in 1899. He petitioned the society to provide facilities for artists in the Zoo. The idea took hold, and the Society built an artist’s studio inside the Lion House. The studio included two rooms, including an artists’ studio, plus a large cage into which were transferred using a unique cage system that ran in tracks under the building.

The founding director of the Bronx Zoo was William T. Hornaday, Seton’s friend and the first president of the Camp-Fire Club of America. Seton was also a founding member of the Camp-Fire Club and would also serve as its president and future president. In the early days, he hosted many club events at his home Wyndygoul.

The WCS archives include a significant amount of Seton material, including correspondence, records related to the Camp-Fire Club, and several art pieces.

Hornaday was an avid conservationist. He took a special interest in the American bison and played a significant role in saving the bison from near extinction. The society sponsored the American Bison Association, of which Seton was a member in connection with his bison conservation activities.

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