Questions to Ponder at Year’s End

Dee Seton Barber wrote volumes of poetry. This one we share as 2021 ends. (Originally published in Woodcraft is Lifecraft, 2nd Annual International Woodcraft Communication, 1993.)

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Dee Seton Barber in Japan 1976

At Year’s End – The Woodcraft Way
by Dee Seton Barber

Have I grown in wisdom – tried to understand?
Given of myself – offered all an open hand?
Have I rendered service freely from the heart?
Have I made a difference or at least a start?

Is someone stronger ’cause I let them know I care?
Have I done my best to share all that I can share?
Have I kept a secret to spare another pain?
Did I do all that I could without a thought of gain?

Have I learned a lesson, taught myself a skill?
Have I helped another or just acted from my will?
Have I made a friend – paid in full my debt?
Can I sleep tonight without dwelling on regret?

Have I played in sunshine – have I walked in rain?
If the year was new would I do it all again?
Have I looked for wonder at both sky and ground?
Have I taught another of something I have found?

Have I learned to cherish something of real worth?
Have I not been greedy – protected, cleaned the earth?
Is my vision clearer – have I kept the trail?
Granted self forgiveness for the times when I did fail?

Have I sought the silence to listen to my soul?
Am I any nearer to becoming whole?
Am I looking forward and backward without fear?
Have I now determined to do better still next year?


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