History of the Camp Fire Club of America

Members of the Camp Fire Club of America with Julie Seton at Medicine Rock

We are delighted to have permission to offer an article by Jim Adams originally published in the Camp Fire Club of America’s publication “The Backlog” on ETS’s influence on nature preservation and his impact on the CFCA.

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Seton Scout Naturalist Program is in the final planning stages

Marty Brazeau is establishing the Seton Scout Naturalist Program to be launched from the BSA Baltimore Council.

The one-week program plans to:

A.  Instill Environmental Awareness

B.  Develop Environmental Leadership

C. Promote Outdoor Ethics

D. Increase Hornaday Conservation Award Participation

E. Improve Summer Camp Ecology Conservation Programming

F. Enhance Weekend Programming Selected Scout Camp

For more information go to http://tropicbirder56.wixsite.com/environmentalvideos  – visit often as the program details are still in development.