One Hundred Years Ago

Long Term Diet Failure Researchers finally did a rigorous, fairly long-term study of the effectiveness of a specific diet. While most diet studies stop after a few months to a year, in this instance scientists observed dieters’ progress over two full years. The study was a carefully done, multi-center randomized clinical trial, and scientists at … Read more

On Playing Indian and the Sin of Cultural Appropriation

After reflecting on recent articles about cultural appropriation, the works of Ernest Thompson Seton and his own experiences as a youth, Ron Edmonds, an Institute board member and an amateur scholar of all things Seton, wrote an essay  entitled “On Playing Indian and the Sin of Cultural Appropriation.”  You can read it here.

Global Bushcraft has posted a presentation on ETS from its Symposium in held in June 2019

Julie Seton gave a presentation on Ernest Thompson Seton’s activities in Canada at the Global Bushcraft Symposium. The presentation included stories about the weather, land, animals, and people in Manitoba as well as the development of his Woodcraft program. His first major publication, “Saffron Walden”, is a story published in the Essex Gazette appealing to … Read more

Please Donate to the Institute

Dear Friends, We are seeking funds to support our Oral History Project and for building the base for our proposed scholarship program. Over the past year, we have accomplished the following: 1. Received the IRS 501c3 designation, retroactive to July 2017. 2. Collected two new oral histories from two people influenced by Seton’s work. These … Read more

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