Some Other Seton Family Members

Seton’s family was extraordinarily literary. Here are the profiles of some other Seton family members who have written published works

J. Enoch Thompson, Seton’s oldest brother, became a prominent Toronto businessman and real estate developer. He had an interesting career, including serving as a Toronto consul for several countries, including Spain. He was the author of a travelogue, Seven Weeks in Sunny Spain.

Stuart Logan Thompson was Seton’s nephew, the son of Seton’s second oldest brother William Snowden Thompson. He lived in Canada and was a noted naturalist in his own right. He was a member of several naturalist and conservation organizations and served as president of the Toronto Field Naturalists Club. He published several works on birds. He visited Seton Village, lectured at the College of Indian Wisdom, and wrote articles for the Totem Board. Specimens he collected are housed at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Austin Seton Thompson wrote two books, Spadina, a Story of Old Toronto, and Jarvis Street: A Story of Triumph. Austin Seton Thompson was the grandson of J. Enoch Thompson.

Clemency Coggins, daughter of Anya Seton and granddaughter of Ernest Thompson Seton, is professor emerita of archaeology ad art history at Boston University. She is the author or editor of many academic publications in her academic area of interest.

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