Seton’s Homes in Ontario

Seton’s  family emigrated from England to Canada in 1866.  Their first home in Canada was in Lindsay, Ontario (now known as Kawartha Lakes), approximately 80 miles northeast of Toronto.  His father Joseph established a farm there and built a house known as The Elms.  Although the boys loved the atmosphere of living on a farm and beiung free to explore the out of doors, Joseph was not well-suited to farming.  In 1970, he sold the property and moved the family to Toronto.

Seton’s father relocated the family to Toronto in 1870 where he pursued employment as an accountant. The family lived in several homes during this period.

Seton lived in this house at 6 Aberdon Avenue for a period of time. This house still stands and is marked b y a blue placque. Note the blue plaque on the lower left front of the house

Later the family moved to a large house at 86 Howard Street in Toronto. This address represented Seton’s permanent addresss foir many years – during his time in London, Paris and Mainitoba, until his marriage to Grace in 1897

The Elms
Ernest Thompson Seton 6 Aberdeen Avenue Toronto
6 Aberdeen Avenue, Toronto
86 Howard Street, Toronto

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