Seton’s Family

Ernest Thompson Seton was part of an extraordinary extended.  He was the eighth of ten sons of Joseph Logan Thompson ad Alice Snowdon Thompson.  The family emigrated to Canada from their former home in South Shields, England in 1866..

Seton was twice married.  His first wife, Grace Gallatin, was his partner in writing and woodcraft activities early in his career.  Grace would become a successful author and lecturer in her own right, traveling the world as background for a series of travel books

Ernest and Grace were the parents of one daughter, Ann, who found fame as a writer of historical fiction under the name Anya Seton.

Ernest and Grace divorced in 1935.  Following the divorce, Seton married Julia M. Buttree, who had worked closely with Seton for several years.  They would continue to work closely together for the rest of Seton’s life.  Ernest and Julia adopted a daughter they named Beulah in 1938, who would later be known as Dee Seton Barber.

The following pages tell the story of these women in Seton’s life.

Grace Gallatin Seton

Julia M. Seton

Anya Seton

Dee Seton Barber