Seton’s Birthplace

Ernest Thompson Seton was born on August 14, 1860 in the town of South Shields, Durham, England at Wellington Terrace No. 6.  The house still stands, but the street has been renamed Beach Road.

Photo from the Shields Gazette, February 8, 1996

This marker was originally placed on a tree near the Seton birthplace.

According to a story published in the Shields Gazette on February 8, 1996, the plaque was located and retrieved from a rubbish heap and given to the newspaper columnist, who returned it to the house. We understand that the plaque is now attached directly to the house.

This is Seton’s birthplace as it appeared in 2000.

This photograph was taken  by Zdeněk Fišera (1929-2014), who emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Canada via Austria in the 1950s.  He had been involved with Woodcraft prior to emigrating.  He lived in British Columbia and worked for Canadian National Park Service as a forester.  He also operated Woodcraft camps for Czech children.  When Woodcraft was reorganized in 1990, he assisted his Czech friends and subsequently participated in several International Woodcraft gatherings in the Czech Republic and in England.

Seton Birthplace circa 2000. Photo by Zdeněk Fišera

Seton’s birthplace is currently a private residence.  Please do not disturb the owners.

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