Seton with Grandchildren

A rare photograph indeed...

Seton with Grandchildren

Seton with Grace and Anya with Anya's children Pamela and young Seton

In this family portrait (circa 1930-1931)  taken at Little Peequo in Greenwich, Connecticut, includes Ernest Thompson Seton seated in front of his daughter Anya Seton and wife Grace Gallatin Seton, with his grandchildren Pamela and Seton Cottier.

It would have been taken either just before or shortly after Ernest's relocation to New Mexico.  Pam would have been about four years old and Seton would have been about two.  Although they did not finalize a divorce until 1935, Ernest and Grace had already been estranged for several years when this photograph was taken.

Over 80 years later, Pam recalled ETS visiting only once while Grace, Anya and Anya's children lived at Little Peequo.  She recalled that her grandmother refused to visit with ETS and stayed in her room upstairs while ETS visited with Anya and the children.