Seton Places in New England

Seton Places in Connecticut:

Seton’s Homes in Greenwich

Ernest Thompson Seton Scout Reservation

The Bruce Museum

For many years, the Bruce Museum had an exhibit devoted to Seton. The museum retains a large collection of Seton material, but it is not currently on display. Seton had a close relationship with The Bruce. In fact, the last meeting of the Woodcraft League of America before Seton moved to New Mexico was held on the grounds of The Bruce.

The Bruce is currently under construction as part of a major expansion program that will double its size. We hope that after the Museum’s expansion is completed, they will again be able to put the Seton material on display.

The Greenwich Historical Society

The Greenwich Historical Society has a collection of research materials related to the Seton family – Ernest, Grace, and Anya. Anya Seton was a long-time board member of the society, and many of her papers are in their collection. The Society has hosted a number of lectures related to Ernest, Grace, and Anya Seton. Several are available in video format on YouTube.

Seton Places in Massachusetts:

Pueblo of the Seven Fires, Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts

Seton Places in Maine:

Black Wolf Chair and Seton Fireplace, Good Will Hinckley, Fairfield, Maine

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