Ernest Thompson Seton Sitting with Telephone (B&W)

Seton in His Own Voice

Seton made a few voice recordings during his lifetime.  The recording technology was quite antiquated by current standards.  The records were 78 rpm and may sound scratchy even if the record is in perfect condition.

HOWEVER, we have been able to have these four recordings digitally remastered by amazing sound engineers, and these recordings sound nearly perfect and as if Seton himself was telling these stories at your own campfire or on stage at any of the hundreds of venues across the United States, Canada and Europe where Seton presented his popular lectures.


Thee Sioux Scouts – Side A (Victor 55136)

The Death of the Old LionDigitally remastered

Three Sioux Scouts – Side B (Victor 55136)

Wild Animal Calls(Columbia A-3132)

My First Meeting with a Lynx – Digitally remastered

Wild Animal Calls – (Columbia A-3132)

The Elk’s Battle – Digitally remastered

The Wolf That Talked Too Much

Seton’s Radio Address in Prague – 1936

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