Seton Centre – Carberry, Manitoba

Seton sopent much of his time friom 1882-1892 in Manitoba in the area of the small town of Carberry.

The time that Seton sopent in Manitoba was extremely enriching for him as he developing his scientific naturalist skills, his art and his writing. His time in Manitoba inspired much oif his later writing.

His activities in Manitoba led to his appointment in 1892 as Naturalist tio the Province of Manitoba, an appointment of which he was immensely proud. He returned to Manitoba regulary in the 1890s until he permanently relocated to the New York City after marrying Grace Gallatin.

The Seton Centre in Carberry is a small museum with exhibits brelated to Seton and his time in Carberry.

Click here to visit the Seton Center.

Adjacent to the Seton Centre is Little Seton POark, featuring a historical plaque, a picnic area and a statue of a wolf.

Seton Centre – Carberry, MB
Little Setoin Oark, Carberry, MB
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