Seton Book Club launching on Oct 23 at 4:00 p.m. CST

Hello! We are happy to announce that Ellen Shelby will be leading the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute book club!
The atmosphere will homey and casual meeting via zoom. The first session will be Sunday, October 23 @ 4:00pm CST.
Our first selection will be Two Little Savages, which is available as a free download here.

The first meeting will discuss the implications of the title, timeline for sections discussed and some historical background on Seton and the writing of Two Little Savages. We anticipate meeting every 4 to 5 weeks on Sunday and covering a part of the book during each gathering. The book is divided into three parts of approximately 130 pages per part including great illustrations.

For those of you not familiar with Ernest Thompson Seton, he was a prolific writer, talented artist-naturalist and an accomplished woodsman who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries. Born in England and raised in Canada, attended art school in London and Paris, returned to Canada then migrated to New York/Connecticut area and eventually made his way to the southwest and spent the remainder of his years in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

To register and get the Zoom link, please send an email to

Book Cover
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