Published Biographies of Ernest Thompson Seton

As a fascinating and enigmatic character, Ernest Thompson Seton has been the subject of a number of published biographies. This list incl;udes known works published in English. Some of these books have been translated to other languages. There may be biographies that have been opublished inblyt in other languages.

The Trail of an Artist-Naturalist:
The Autobiography of Ernest Thompson Seton
Ernest Thompson Seton
(new editiion edited by Julie A. Seton, PhD)
(new edition published in 2015)
The Storyteller:
My Years with Ernest Thompson Seton
Leila Moss Knox with Linda L. Knox2015
Ernest Thompson Seton:
The Life and Legacy of an Artist and Conservationist
David L. Witt2010
ETS-Founder of Woodcraft MovementErnest Thompson Seton,
Founder of the Woodcraft Movement 1860-1946:
Apostle of Indian Wisdom and Pioneer Ecologist
Brian Morris2007
By a Thousand Fires:
Nature Notes and Extracts from the Life and Unpublished Journals of Ernest Thompson Seton
Julia M. Seton1967
The Chief:
Ernest Thompson Seton and the Changing West
H. Allen Anderson1986

The Worlds of Ernest Thompson Seton
(later edition titled Adventures in the Wild:
The Worlds of Ernest Thompson Seton)
John G. Sampson1976
Ernest Thompson Seton:
Man in Nature and the Progressive Era 1800-1915
John H. Wadland1978
Black Wolf:
The Life of Ernest Thompson Seton
Betty Keller1984
Ernest Thompson Seton:
The Canadians
Magdalene Redekop1979
Ernest Thompson Seton:
A Short, Concise Biography of Seton, An Influential Naturalist, Writer and Wildlife Artist
Manitoba Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources1982
Ernest Thsompson Seton in ManitobaC. Stuart Houston1980
ETS Scout and NaturalistErnest Thompson Seton,
Scout and Naturalist (for young readers)
Wyatt Blassingame1971
ETS Naturalist-GarstErnest Thompson Seton:
Naturalist (for young readers)
Shannon and Warren Garst1962
Ernest Thompson Seton’s AmericaEdited by Farida Wiley,
Introduction by Julia M. Seton
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