Other Seton Places in the United Kingdom

Ernest Thompson Seton was born in South Shields, Durham, England, and moved to Canada with his family as a young child. Although he lived in the United States most of his adult life, he remained a British Subject until 1931.

He returned to the United Kingdom on numerous occasions, first to pursue his art education and then frequently to lecture in support of his literary career.

Seton studied in London, competed in a competition, and won a significant scholarship to the School of Painting at the Royal Academy of Art.

While studying in London, he spent a great deal of time in the library of the British Museum. Under 21 at the time, Seton was not eligible for access to the library. After an appeal to the trustees, he was granted life admission.

He often sketched in the Royal Zoo, located in Regent’s Park.

He spoke and met at many prestigious locations as a well-known and successful author and lecturer.

The Savoy Hotel, where Seton met with Scouting founder Baden-Powell

Seton House Plaque

Marker at Seton’s Birthplace

Royal Academy of Art in London
Royal Academy of Art
British Museum
Clock Tower at the Royal Zoo
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