Mt ET Seton (Czechia)

The Křemelná mountain in the Šumava mountains of Czechia was nicknamed Mt. ET Seton by the Woodcraft League of Czechoslovakia in August 1990.

It is located at 49°7′21″ / 13°26′53″ and is 1,125 meters above sea level.

On Saturday, 14 August 2010, the day of 150th birthday of the Chief Black Wolf, a group Czech Woodcraft League members, ascended the Křemelná mountain, which was nicknamed Mt. E. T. Seton exactly 20 years before, shortly after the Czech Woodcraft League woke up from her long dormancy enforced by the totalitarian communist regime. Mt. E. T. Seton is situated in the most pristine area of the National Park Sumava (Bohemian Forest), which borders the Bavarian Forest in Germany.

Czech Woodcrafters on top of Mt ET Seton in 2010

Thanks to Martin Kupka for information about Mt. E. T. Seton in Czechia.

Mt. ET Seton ( Křemelná mountain )
Cairn at the Top of Mt E. T. Seton
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