Manly Palmer Hall: A Documentary  on His Life, Teachings, and Legacy

Late in life, Manly Palmer Hall was Ernest Thompson Seton’s closest friend. They met following a lecture that Seton gave in Los Angeles and frequently met thereafter. Seton visited Hall during his frequent trips to Los Angeles. Hall visited many times at Seton Village, studying Native American traditions and culture, including extended stays at Seton Castle. In his journals, he recalled reading books to Seton’s young daughter Beulah in the Seton Castle. Dee Seton Barber once told me she remembered Hall and Seton enjoying a bit of scotch together during those nights at Seton Castle. Seton was close enough to Hall to have named him the alternate executor of his will.

Hall often wrote of Seton in the publications of the Philosophical Research Society (PRS), the nonprofit organization he founded in Los Angeles. PRS is based in a Mayan-designed building in Los Feliz near Griffith Park in Los Angeles. PRS holds a collection of Seton books, art, and other items.

This documentary presents the story of Manly Palmer Hall and his life, legacy, and teachings.

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