Items of Seton Memorabilia

During his lifetime and in the seventy-five plus years since his death, there have ben many items of memorabilia related to Seton and Woodcraft created. Some were created for a specific purpose and others specifically as memorabilia. Some were ”authorized”, others not.

As a Scouting founder, Seton’s image has appeared on many patches. His image appears on other Scouting memorabilia, such as Jamboree trading cards produced for several Scout jamborees.

One of the most collected items is his autograph. As a lecturer and author who sometimes gave as many as 200 lectures per year throughout the USA, Canada and Europe and inscribed thousands of books, his autograph is quite collectible. There are also signed photographs in addition to many autographed books. Through much of his life, his preferred autograph included a distinctive wolf paw print, making it unique and attractive for collectors. Sometimes he added a doodle such as a bear. During World War II, he sometimes added an ant-Nazi doodle.

The variety of names he used also adds to the collectibility of autographs.. Fir more on Seton’s name and examples of his autograph, click here.

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