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Listen to Seton in His Own Voice

Ernest Thompson Seton - Wild Animal Calls

We have just added four amazing short audio recordings Seton made during his lifetime.  They have been digitally remastered friom the original 78 rpm records and the results are amazing.  Seton sounds like he is at your campfire telling stories.

Ernest Thompson Seton was many things…

  • An author of more than 100 books and countless articles in major magazines,
  • A popular lecturer,
  • An artist with particular skill in depicting wildlife, including both birds and mammals,
  • A naturalist who studied animals extensively, producing the classic work, Lives of Game Animals, essentially an eight-volume illustrated encyclopedia covering nearly every wild animal in North America,
  • A well-known advocate of Native American rights,
  • The founder of the Woodcraft League, also known as Woodcraft Indians and Seton Indians,
  • A cofounder of the Boy Scouts of America and a key figure in the history of Scouting world-wide,
  • A fascinating and enigmatic character with a wide range of interests and talents.

Seton left a legacy of ideas on a range of topics worthy of our study today. We invite you to explore this website to learn more.