Ernest Thompson Seton in New York City

Ernest Thompson Seton had a close relationship with New York City.  It was here he came to launch his career as an artist and later his career as a writer and lecturer.

When he first arrived in


The Woodcraft League of  America had its offices in New York City from the early days until Seton relocated in New Mexico in 1930.

Its first office was at

Its final office was in Room 1043 of Grand Central Terminal.

Several institutions in New York City have links to Seton.

He was a member of The Explorers Club and The Players Club, both of which still exist jn New York City.

He was very involved with the American Museum of Natural History, which sponsored soime of his work and travels.  He was closely associated with Frank Chapman and Clyde Fisher.  AMNH is the custodian of Seton’s journals

The Bronx Zoo was founded by William Hornaday, a friend and fellow member of The Campfire Club of America.  Art by Setion still hangs in The Bronx Zoo.  The Bronx Zoo is operated by the Wildlife Conservatiin Society.  Its archives have a variety of Seton material.

After their marriage in 18__, Ernest Thompson Seton and his wife Grace Gallatin Seton Thompson acquired a home near Tappan, NJ, with the assistance of Seton’s mother-in-law. The property was kniwn as  Sloat Hall.  They lived there for a relatively brief period and sold it.  The building burned to the ground not long after the Setons sold it.