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This page provides links to a large portion of Seton's works in downloadable PDF versions, courtesy of the Internet Archive, Google Books and others.

While it is not exactly the same as reading these works in traditional book form, the price is right and you have the opportunity to read a wide range of booksinSeton;s areas iof interest.

The majority of Seton's works are in the public domain inther United States.  For those that are not, including The Trail of an Artist Naturalist, Santana the Hero Dog of France, The Gospel of the Redman, ytou will need to buy or borrow a printed copy.

This page includes include a large amount of Seton’s work which has been made available through the Internet Archive and Google Books.  These  projects have been digitizing (scanning to Adobe PDF or similar formats) millions of books from prominent libraries.  They are being made available under various arrangements and, generally, those in the public domain are available for download.  We have accumulated the following volumes in Adobe PDF format and will be adding in more in the  months to come.

One word of caution and encouragement:  reading a digitized book is not really the same as reading a book.  We encourage you to find copies of these books for yourself.  Our bookstore  page has links to Amazon.com for new books and ABEBooks.com and Alibris.com for used and antiquarian volumes.  Get a copy for yourself if you can.

One of Seton’s books, Wild Animals I Have Known, has been in print continuously for 110 years – since 1898!

All of these books are in Adobe PDF format.  Most users will already have Adobe Reader installed on their computer.  If not, click here to go to the Adobe Reader download page.