Footage of Indigenous North American Tribal Dances

Dr. Clyde Fisher and ET Seton were close friends.  They traveled together in 1927 to tribal lands across the U.S.  Dr. Fisher recorded some of the tribal dances.  The film is held by the American Museum of Natural History and is digitized for broader access.  Link is posted with permission from AMNH.

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History of the Camp Fire Club of America

Members of the Camp Fire Club of America with Julie Seton at Medicine Rock

We are delighted to have permission to offer an article by Jim Adams originally published in the Camp Fire Club of America’s publication “The Backlog” on ETS’s influence on nature preservation and his impact on the CFCA.

Click on the title to read the article!  History_of_Conservation_CFCA-Adams

2018 BSA Report to Congress

Exhibit Team

BSA Delegates to Congress2018

A well attended event with Scouts who serve in the Federal Government: Event Sponsors: Rep Pete Sessions (R-Tx); Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), Sen Mike Enzi (R-Wy); Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.
BSA attendees included Mike Surbaugh, Chief Scout Executive; Les Baron, National Capital Area Council CSE; Frank Tsiru, President NESA; Dustin Farris, Director, Scouting Alumni and Friends; P-B, NCAC Scout Historian; and Julie Seton, ET Seton granddaughter and Scout volunteer.


photos by Craig Harmon

Seton Scout Naturalist Program is in the final planning stages

Marty Brazeau is establishing the Seton Scout Naturalist Program to be launched from the BSA Baltimore Council.

The one-week program plans to:

A.  Instill Environmental Awareness

B.  Develop Environmental Leadership

C. Promote Outdoor Ethics

D. Increase Hornaday Conservation Award Participation

E. Improve Summer Camp Ecology Conservation Programming

F. Enhance Weekend Programming Selected Scout Camp

For more information go to  – visit often as the program details are still in development.

“Savage Jaguars, King Cats, and Ghostly Tigres: Affective Logics and Predatory Natures in Twentieth-Century American Nature Writing.”

Recently published in Fall issue of The Professional Geographer, author Shari Wilcox analyzes the language used by three well-known conservationist authors to describe jaguars.  A must read article for anyone interested in environmental rhetoric, big cats, Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, and Ernest Thompson Seton.

Camp Fire Club of America & BSA Greenwich Council dedicate plaque to ETS

On Friday, 19 June, 2017 a small group of people gathered at Pomerance Park in Cos Cob, CT to dedicate a plaque recognizing Seton’s contributions to youth and conservation.  Mr. Jim Adams led the efforts to get the plaque approved and served as the Master of Ceremonies.  The Honorable Peter Tesei, First Selectman for the Town of Greenwich, Mr. Hugh Riley, President of the Camp Fire Club of America, and Dr. Julie Seton, granddaughter of Ernest Thompson Seton were the distinguished speakers.

A recording of the ceremony will be available soon.

Julie Seton to Speak in Greenwich

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The Storyteller: My Years with Ernest Thompson Seton

Storyteller ImageThe Storyteller, My Years with Ernest Thompson Seton, by Leila Moss Knox with Linda L. Knox,, is a delightful, engaging book that documents the  three year period that the author, Leila Moss Knox lived with her aunt Julia Moss Seton and her husband Ernest Thompson Seton, who she called “Granddaddy”.  It is a remarkable story of their adventures intertwined with photos and excerpts of Seton’s writings.  While it is packaged as a children’s book, it is equally appropriate for adults as well. As an added treat, it contains an introduction by Pete Seeger, who died before the book was published.  Seeger often told stories of reading Seton books as a child.

When I started reading The Storyteller, I couldn’t put it down.  There have been several very good biographies of Seton, but none have captured the unique character of the man any better.  When you add the reminiscences of the sites and sounds of 1930s New Mexico, the result is a fascinating story – vivid and easy to read.  I highly recommend this book to anyone – young or old -who is interested in experiencing a previously uncaptured side of Ernest Thompson Seton.

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