The Institute is three years old this month!

Dear Friends,

Three years has flown by!  We are making excellent progress and there is much more work to do.

To review the past 12 months:

  • August 2019 we expanded our visibility internationally –to the Czech Republic and to Poland.
  • February 2020 we held a very successful Board retreat at the Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, NM, collaborated with the Woodcraft Rangers, and brought on a new board member.
  • March 2020 we brought on two more board members and began reshaping our website.
  • June 2020 our first intern started working.  She is a Public Relations major from the University of North Texas. She reviewed our social media presence, built a framework to continue improving our outreach, and created a podcast of one interview from our Oral History Project.

We are asking for donations to support our Oral History Project, digitization of Seton works, and for building the base for our proposed scholarship program.

We need your help!  PLEASE DONATE to our cause!

Please Donate to ETSI

Dear Friends,

We are seeking funds to support our Oral History Project and for building the base for our proposed scholarship program.

Over the past year, we have accomplished the following:

1. Received the IRS 501c3 designation, retroactive to July 2017.

2. Collected two new oral histories from two people influenced by Seton’s work. These histories need to be transcribed. Your donation will help!

3. Institute information disseminated internationally in Canada, Czech Republic, and Poland.

4. Collaboration with the Woodcraft Rangers, an offshoot of Seton’s original Woodcraft that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022.

5. Collaboration with the Boy Scouts of America’s National Scouting Museum that houses the Seton Collection of books, art, and artifacts.

We are currently working on these tasks:

5. Upgrading the website.

6. Seeking to expand our board of directors. (If interested, please contact us at [email protected])

7. Brainstorming ideas for fundraising and increasing the Institute’s visibility across the US.

Julie Seton Lectures in Poland and the Czech Republic

Julie Seton just returned from a lecture tour to Poland and the Czech Republic.

Here  is a link to an interview she completed in the Czech Republic.   Be sure to use Google Translate to read this  information.  The interview is in Czech, but Julie’s part is in English.  They used a  translator

Here is a link to the TV article about the Czech Republic Woodcraft League and Julie Seton’s visit.

ETSI, Inc. Board of Directors and Officers Announced

On 22 September, 2017,  the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute, Inc. Directors held their first board meeting.  The primary goal was to identify officers and plan a way forward.

A Board page will be set up soon.  For now welcome our Officers and Board: Members:

Ms. Katherine M. Ham, President

Mr. Joseph W. Trindal, Vice President

Mr. David C. Scott, Treasurer

Dr. Julie A. Seton, Acting Secretary

Mr. Ronald L. Edmonds, Board Member

Ms. Kellye French, Board Member