A New Look and Expanded Resources

It is an incredible testament to Ernest Thompson Seton’s legacy that this website typically receives more than 1,000 unique visitors every month.
We have launched a redesign and expansion of The Ernest Thompson Seton Pages website. Among the things we expect to add are expanded access to Seton’s works in both print and sound. We have already added an additional Seton books in PDF format. There will be more. We will also be adding audio resources, both in Seton’s own voice and audio books read by professional narrators.
We have also re-activated our guest book with new technology to reduce spam. We hope you will sign it with your comments.
We will also try to honor that legacy by keeping it up-to-date more regularly and adding information about news and activities involving those interested in preserving Seton’s legacy.
Blue Sky!

Scouts Discover Standing Rock Site in Greenwich

There has been a great deal of interest in Seton in the Greenwich, Connecticut area this year, much of it focused on the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scout Council there,of which Seton was a founder.
One interesting development was that a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Scout service project was working to clear an overgrown trail on the Pomerance-Tuchman property now owned by the Town of Greenwich. This property was once part of Seton’s estate. While clearing the trail, the Scouts came upon a strange rock sculpture. After some research, they discovered the sculpture was Seton’s Medicine Rock and they had uncovered the main Woodcraft ceremonial ground there.
Here’s a link to an article on the discovery in the Greenwich Citizen.