Awards Named for Seton

The Ernest Thompson Seton Medal

Distinguished Naturalist Award - Nature Manitoba

The Ernest Thompson Seton Medal is presented to a distinguished naturalist for a lifelong commitment  work of particular merit in some aspect of Manitoba's natural history that has stimulated the interest of the public. 

The Ernest Thompson Award

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

The Ernest Thompson Seton Award is given to the state, provincial or federal agency which has best promoted a public awareness of the need to support the science and practice of wildlife management. A companion award is also presented to the individual deemed by the agency as the one most responsible for its successful and award-winning program. 

The Ernest Thompson Seton Award

Camp Fire, Inc.

The Ernest Thompson Seton Award  is for outstanding, creative contributions to the council. It is reserved for four or more years of service so outstanding that it is recognized throughout the council. This award honors one of Camp Fire's founders, who also designed the first symbols used in Camp Fire

1910 Society - Ernest Thompson Seton

Boy Scouts of America (discontinued)

The Ernest Thompson Seton level in the 1910 Society of the Boy Scouts of America recognized outright gifts to BSA council endowment funds  in the amount of $25,000.  This progrm was discntinued in 2011 and replaceury Societyd with the Second Century Society.