Ernest Thompson Seton was…

  • An author of more than 40 books and countless articles in major magazines.
  • A popular lecturer who could hold audiences spell-bound with his stories and his unique ability to replicate bird and animal sounds with his own voice.
  • An artist with astounding skill in depicting wildlife, particularly birds and mammals.
  • A naturalist who studied animals extensively, producing the classic work, Lives of Game Animals, essentially an eight-volume illustrated encyclopedia covering North American mammals.
  • A well-known advocate of Native American rights.
  • The founder of the Woodcraft League and a cofounder of the Boy Scouts of America.

Seton’s philosophy of respect for both nature and humanity  made him a  pioneer of the environmental movement, inspiring generations of leaders.

Recent Blog Entries

  • Wabanaki School 1915 – 1919
    Nature focused school that used Seton’s Woodcraft.
  • Commemorating the 76th anniversary of ETS’s passing
    The Chief passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Julia M. Seton kept his adult daughter Anya informed about her father’s condition through letters (that are currently being digitized). Meanwhile, their young daughter Beulah (Dee) was sent to “Uncle Ted” down the road to keep her from seeing her father in such poor … Read more
  • Seton Book Club launching on Oct 23 at 4:00 p.m. CST
    Hello! We are happy to announce that Ellen Shelby will be leading the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute book club! The atmosphere will homey and casual meeting via zoom. The first session will be Sunday, October 23 @ 4:00pm CST.Our first selection will be Two Little Savages, which is available as a free download here. The … Read more
  • Happy 162nd Birthday ETS!
    Birthdays have always been special in the Seton family with many events planned around E. T. Seton’s birthday on August 14th. See our Facebook posts throughout the day for information about these events.
  • Woodcraft Accommodation in the Barton’s Backyard
    In the early 1940s, H. Allen Barton built a teepee using the instructions found in the Birch Bark Roll, the Woodcraft League of America’s handbook. The Bartons challenged their two children to sleep in the teepee for 30 consecutive days which would have each earned a Woodcraft coup, had Woodcraft still been active in the … Read more

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