Ernest Thompson Seton was…

  • An author of more than 40 books and countless articles in major magazines.
  • A popular lecturer who could hold audiences spell-bound with his stories and his unique ability to replicate bird and animal sounds with his own voice.
  • An artist with astounding skill in depicting wildlife, particularly birds and mammals.
  • A naturalist who studied animals extensively, producing the classic work, Lives of Game Animals, essentially an eight-volume illustrated encyclopedia covering North American mammals.
  • A well-known advocate of Native American rights.
  • The founder of the Woodcraft League and a cofounder of the Boy Scouts of America.

Seton’s philosophy of respect for both nature and humanity  made him a  pioneer of the environmental movement, inspiring generations of leaders.

Recent Blog Entries

  • Awards and Honors Held by Seton
    The Silver Buffalo (seventh award) Boy Scouts of America 1926 Naturalist to the Government of Manitoba Government of Manitoba The John Burroughs Medal John Burroughs Medal 1927 Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal National Academy of Sciences 1928 Conservation Hall of Fame The National Wildlife Federation 1968
  • Happy Anniversary Woodcraft Movement 120 years!
  • Woodcraft Memories
    Prompted by listening to one of the oral histories, Dr. Maida Barton Follini provided us with the following: Below is the tepee made by my father, H. Allen Barton, following the instructions in Seton’s Book of Woodcraft.  The covering was of canvas ordered from Sears & Roebuck, (not deer skins or bison skins as we … Read more
  • Questions to Ponder at Year’s End
    Dee Seton Barber wrote volumes of poetry. This one we share as 2021 ends. (Originally published in Woodcraft is Lifecraft, 2nd Annual International Woodcraft Communication, 1993.) At Year’s End – The Woodcraft Way by Dee Seton Barber Have I grown in wisdom – tried to understand? Given of myself – offered all an open hand? … Read more
  • Seton Exhibit at the Summit Bechtel Reserve
    There is an exhibit on Ernest Thompson Seton at the Summit Bechtel Reserve , the Boy Scouts of America’s in West Virginia. adjacent to the New River Gorge National River. The exhibit, located in the Hunter’s Hall Interpretive Center in the Joe Crafton Sportsman’s Complex, features a life-like cast figure of Seton. While the Seton … Read more

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