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Where is (or was) Currumpaw?

People who hear or read Ernest Thompson Seton’s story of “Lobo, The King of Currumpaw”, often ask just where Currumpaw is or was.  The answer to that question has not been very clear – beyond somewhere in Northeast New Mexico.  If you look very carefully at maps, you may find Currumpaw or Currumpah.  The area is quite close to Capulin Volcano National Monument, which is one of those places I remember very well from my youth-nearly 50 years ago. I also visited there with my own son five years ago – on the way to a Philmont trek.

I thought website visitors might be interested in the National Park Service’s take on the Lobo story.  Here’s a link:


5 thoughts on “Where is (or was) Currumpaw?

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  2. Martin

    I’ve just finished reading “LOBO, The King of Currumpaw” and was wondering the same. I’ve found that the creek and the place actual name is Corrumpa. The creek seams to go from 36.7818053, -103.4956747 to 36.6620425, -103.0028528 in New Mexico. I think Seton used Currumpaw because phoneticaly sounds more like Corrumpa in spanish.

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