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The Wolf That Changed America

Watch The Wolf That Changed America on PBS. See more from Nature.

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2 thoughts on “The Wolf That Changed America

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  2. JL

    To your knowledge:
    I know another true story with this surprising animals that, as it appears in Yellowstone, are also reintroduced in some areas of Spain where they were fired in the past.
    This true story happened in the Spain last emerged from the civil war of 1936-1939. When Marcos a little boy -born in 1946- was just six years old his father, a poor peasant, could not keep him. He thought his son could go by himself if he was down. So, incredible but true in the modern Europe, he sold the kid to a landowner to look after a herd of goats up into the mountains, alone, in the heart of the wild Sierra Morena, in a natural cave surrounded by mountains, in the land of wolves. Marcos lived for twelve years without human contact in the company of wolves, joined his pack, he helped them and wolves protected him from other wolvespacks and brought him hunting, also lived with a snake and an eagle, learned from the animals and talk their language of signs and sounds, in a perfect communion with nature that helped him survive in the solitude of abandonment and lack of love and affection. Finally the Guardia Civil -a spanish rural corps of police- saw him, jump to the mountain where he lived and rescue the boy in 1964. He only played animal sounds. But after his reeducation he told “I never was so happy than between the animals. They were my family.

    A spanish university professor, doctor in sociology (named Gabriel Janer Manila), studied this case and interviewed Marcos after his recovery, then writen a book telling the history “I played with wolves” compiling the sensations and facts lived by Marcos. The book is a tough history of extreme sensitivity and beautifully written, with the craft of a master of nature’s literature.

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