Seton Resources

Seton Resources

The following institutions have significant collections of Seton material.  Some of them have public displays and internet resources.  Others have collections that require appointments and may be open only to professional scholars.

Philmont Museum and Seton Memorial Library

Julia M. Seton, Seton’s wife and collaborator, contributed his personal library and many works of art to the Boy Scouts of America.  The material is housed at the Philmont Museum and Seton Memorial Library in Cimmaron, NM.  Here you can see Seton’s classic painting, Triumph of the Wolves as well as the actual pelt of Lobo, the protagonist of Lobo, King of Currumpah, the lead story of Seton’s classic work, Wild Animals I Have Known.  The museum is open year-round, but each summer it is visited by thousands of Scouts as they arrive at Philmont for summer treks.

The Philmont Museum is currently presenting an exhibit entitled “E.T. Seton and The Indian Costume Book.”  The Indian Costume Book is a rare book written by Julia M. Seton and illustrated by Ernest Thompson Seton.  A very limited number of these books were hand colored.

Academy for the Love of Learning

The Academy for the Love of Learning, a nonprofit organization based in Santa Fe, owns the site of Seton Castle and recently completed the construction of  its headquarters there.  They have an extensive collection of Seton art and artifacts.  The Academy has a Seton Gallery and Seton Library, which are open twice monthly and by appointment.  David Witt, curator of the Seton Legacy Project for the Academy maintains a blog at

The American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has a special archive of Seton material, including the originals of the journals he wrote and drew in nearly very day of his adult life.

Canadian National Archives

The Canadian National Archives in Ottawa has an extensive collection of Seton material.

The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich

The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, where Seton lived prior to relocating to Santa Fe, has an extensive collection on Seton.

The Seton Centre, Carberry, Manitoba

Carberry, Manitoba, where Seton spent some of his youth, has a small museum.  Also check out the Carberry Sandhills, home of The Sandhill Crane.

Seton Legacy Facebook Page

The Seton Legacy Facebook page is managed by Julie Seton.








The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has a variety of Seton material, including some photographs accessible online.

The National Scouting Museum

This museum, adjacent to the national office of the Boy Scouts of America in Irving, Texas, has exhibitions on a variety of topics, including the founders of Scouting, including Ernest Thompson Seton.  The story is also told in a multimedia presentation.

The following websites have additional special material related to Seton:

Lasting Impressions:  The Private Presses of New Mexico

This is an exhibition on The Private Presses of New Mexico organized by the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe.  A section of the exhibition (and its related website) is devoted to the Seton Village Press.  The Press of the Palace of the Governor also published Bulletin in Bold Letters:  A Bibliography of the Seton Village Press.

The Setons at Home: Organizing a Family Biography

This fascinating website, featuring material written by Lucinda McKethan, Professor of English at North Carolina State University, tells the story of the Seton family’s authors, Ernest, Grace, Julia and Anya, in the context of their houses.

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