ET Seton Institute

Organizations to Which Seton Belonged

Organizations that Seton Belonged To During His Lifetime

American Bison Society
American Institute of Arts and Letters
American Museum of Natural History – Life Member –
American Ornithology Association
Boy Scouts of America – co-founder, Chief Scout
Campfire Club of America – Charter member and President
Camp Fire Girls (now Camp Fire Organization)
Explorers Club, New York
New York Zoological Society (now World Conservation Society)
Order of Woodcraft Chivalry– Chieftain
Players Club, New York

2 thoughts on “Organizations to Which Seton Belonged

  1. Richard Norman

    Whilst not able to totally agree with comment 1 certainly BSA should be listed; after the falling out with West in 1915 he returned and was with BSA till at least 1926 and I am sure after that date.

  2. Bo

    BSA needs to be listed here. Granted there was a falling out…..but those of us (especially us Eagle Scouts) who are grateful for his contributions, revere his name and teach our young ones his legacy….will always honor his memory. He was the Heart of Scouting…and will always be The Chief to me.

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