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Master Woodsman

I have just gotten off the phone with Christian Noble, the webmaster/blogger for Master He and a small group of “bushcrafters” are planning a Global Bushcraft Symposium for June 2019.  Chris is heavily influenced by ETS’s book Woodcraft and Indian Lore.  More information is at

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  1. Dale Kiselyk

    Hi Julie, this is Dale Kiselyk writing. I am in charge of the Theme Camps and Breakout Presentations at the Global Bushcraft Symposium this June. We are very excited to have you coming to present at our historic event.

    I will be posting regular email updates to all our presenters in the coming months and I would like to include you on our list. I would have gone through Chris Nobel to obtain your email, however, Chris is having surgery and I feel it’s not appropriate to bother him at this time. Would you please consider sending me a reply to [email protected] and I will be sure to include your email in our presenter mail outs?

    Thank you and looking forward to meeting you.

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