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  1. Paula

    While visiting Homer Alaska I found a box of books in a dumpster. I am from Maine. I found an Ernest Thompson Seton book “Bannertail” and believe it’s autographed. I’ve been holding into it since August 2015 and would love to see it get to a place where it’s appreciated. If interested please contact me. Thank you

    1. Julie Seton

      Thank you for searching to find an appreciative home for the orphaned Bannertail that you found while ON VACATION in Alaska.

  2. Robert B. Hamilton

    AS I said, I am a college student and I am doing a research paper on wood craft, after I went too the internet this was the web site I was given. So if you can help me I will be very appreciate of it my email is [email protected] , Thank You for all of your support.

  3. GAry VanRiper

    To Whom This May Concern:

    I am currently working on a book and article regarding children’s books set in the Adirondacks. Local experts consider Seton’s Rolf in the Woods as one of the most important works of an genre set in the Adirondacks. And yet – to date I can find virtually nothing written about Seton and his association, if any, with the Adirondack region. I did contact Betty Keller, author of Black Wolf – The Life of Ernest Thompson Seton, as there was not a single mention of Seton and the Adirondacks or Rolf in the Woods and she regretted she could not tell me anything on that particular subject.
    So I am hoping you might have a lead as to where I might find information regarding Seton and the Adirondacks and/or Seton and his inspiration for Rolf in the Woods in particular. Perhaps he has notes/papers in a collection? Or some other source you, in your passion for, and expertise on Mr. Seton, might now about.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

    Gary Allen VanRiper
    Camden, NY


    I could help me in my research, I am a historian and I am working with regard to the Boy Scouts. I would could send a more complete biography of Ernest Thompson Seaton and his schedule of lectures offered in the various cities he visited.
    Atte Gustavo Alcala Estrada

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