Meet the Directors

In July 2017 a small group of people reestablished the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute to revitalize interest in Ernest Thompson Seton’s works.  We remain a small group of dedicated professionals from various walks of life who believe that Ernest Thompson Seton’s message about respecting and aligning with the natural world is a driving force for improving our world.

Listed alphabetically:

Mr. Ron Edmonds, Vice President, and Governance lead. The Principium Group.

Ron Edmonds







Mr. Aaron Murray, Director. Boy Scouts of America, staff member.  (Currently working abroad.)

Aaron Murray







Mr. Chris Noble, Director. Woodsmoke Camping Company, Founder and President

Chris Noble







Mr. David C. Scott, Treasurer.  WindRush Publishing, Founder and President.

David Scott








Dr. Julie A. Seton, Secretary.  Indelible Enterprises, LLC, Founder and President

Julie Seton







Mr. Joseph W. Trindal, President. Engility, VP International Training

Joe Trindal