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Ron Edmonds serves as webmaster for The Ernest Thompson Seton Pages.   In this role, he maintains the site, adds content and responds to inquiries.

He has been a Seton enthusiast for nearly 40 years after first being introduced to Seton, like many millions of people, as a Scout.   His fascination with Seton and his interest in history have combined to lead him to work toward the preservation of Seton’s unique legacy.

He has continued to be involved with the Scout program, serving as a long-time member of the executive board of the Chickasaw Council in Memphis, Tennessee, and as committee chairman for his son’s Scout troop.

Professionally, he serves as president of The Principium Group, Inc., (www.PrincipiumGroup.com) a mergers and acquisitions advisory and business brokerage firm.

One thought on “About the Webmaster

  1. Barbara Witemeyer

    Hi, Ron. Julie Seton and I are going to give papers at the NM Historical Society’s conference in Farmington, NM on April 16th. Julie is talking about her grandmother, Julia Moss Buttree Seton, and I am tasked with talking about the College of Indian Wisdom, the camp, its teachers and students.

    Do you have any information I could use? I know you have a bunch of stuff. I have some information but it is rather sketchy. I’ve been up to the Academy and spent a day in the Seton library; David Witt was helpful in giving me boxes of stuff to rummage through and I did get a nice memoir of a trip to the camp. And I have permission from Leila Knox to quote from her book of camp memories The Storyteller. But I only have for certain a handful of staff and a note that there were 42!

    Any help you can give would be more than gratefully received.

    Meanwhile I hope you and yours are happy and healthy. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Blue Sky! Barbara

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