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  1. Hugh D. H. Soar

    I am an English author who writes on the subject of traditional archery. I am currently preparing a book on juvenile archery and am interested in the important part Seton’s Woodcraft played in the developmeht of the bow and arrow both as a tool for practical amiusement and as a means for character building. I am particularly concerned with Seton’s early involvement with the beginnings of the BSA. and would be glad to know more of this aspect of his work,

  2. Tim Cutler

    Ernie understood what got boys off their butts and into the woods. In my opinion, the entire BSA ethic is based on ETS’ woodcraft program, and got militarized by James E. West. In my Indian Lore course in our Council’s University of Scouting, the students are often amazed to learn that young braves who were too young to hunt and make war with their uncles and too old to annoy their sisters and aunts in camp usually went off with their peers to learn useful skills. My current research project is to determine if there is any reason to believe that Indian tatoos fall into the categories of identification, participation, and rank. I think they do, but I’m a long wy from proving it.

  3. Mike Denny

    I am very interested in Mr. Seton and his connection to Baden-Powell the founder of the BSA. Did Mr. Seton know or meet Baden-Powell?
    Great individual to look into. His ethics and moral character were amazing. A very rare person indeed-I enjoy reading his writing.
    Thank-you Mike Denny

    1. redmonds Post author

      Seton and Baden-Powell definitely met. Seton shared the Birch Bark Roll with BP and gave him permission to use some of the games in Scouting for Boys.

      When Scouting really took off, there was a great deal of disagreement over who actually originated the idea.

      There is an often reprinted picture of B-P, Seton and Dan Beard at an early BSA dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria.

      For more on this topic, I recommend the recent book, The Scouting Party by David C. Scott.

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